Different Types Of Orthopedic Surgeons

It is the skeletal system that provides our body with a central structure, and having any type of abnormality and condition on this structure, if not looked into early may have crippling effects on our health overall. This is where orthopedic surgeons come into the picture. They are a type of doctors who specialize in diagnosing, correcting and treating any ailments in our skeletal system. Given below are the different types of orthopedic surgeons.


Generally orthopedic surgeons are called in to treat all areas of the skeletal system, ranging from the skull to hands and feet. Pediatric surgeons are also called in to treat ailments in similar areas, but in children. Most procedures involve mending broken bones, diagnosis of congenital deformities and cerebral palsy. Since children’s bones are much smaller it requires surgeons to have a relatively high level of expertise and skill in performing surgeries.


There is a certain element of risk and damage that comes with taking part in different types of sports. Breaking of bones, joint injuries and all other injuries related to exercise are immensely common that there are orthopedic surgeons who specialize in this field. Many of these surgeries include performing minor repairs to ankles, hips and shoulders, moving towards a more major procedures such as an LARS knee reconstruction.

Joint preservation

Many surgeons who specialize in doing sports surgeries could perform joint preservations as well. This is because the two, sports and joint preservation, usually tend to be areas that overlap, although joint preservation has its unique set of features to it. The procedures that fall under this category include treatment for arthritis, and others such as ARS knee reconstruction. Some of the more severe surgeries include hip and knee replacements. Looking for a professional surgeon you can go here and can cover your needs.

Hand and foot

The procedures done on body parts such as the ankle, wrist, hand, and foot tend to be more complicated than the others because these areas consists of a larger number of smaller bones and blood vessels, with fine muscles and tendons. Foot surgeons treat ailments prevailing in the foot and ankle, mostly repairing ligaments, and healing fractures, while hand surgeons treat fractures and other deformities of the hand and wrist. Considering the most number of injuries take place to our hands and feet, specialising in this field and treating people impact the way they live their lives.

Considering there are many different fields in which these surgeons specialize in, it will be best to contact one depending on the particular ailment you have.

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