Injury Management at Work: What You Need to Know


Dealing with injuries sustained at the workplace does not have to be an unpleasant experience for either the employer or his employees. With a proper process in place, any emergency situation will be attended to and contained with great caution and precision.

How can your company be a safer place to work? How can you as a responsible employer ensure the increased safety and wellbeing of your employees? Here are a few things you as an employer should be aware of about injury management that can make a huge difference in your organisation;

Why there should be a System in Place

You can never predict when an injury may occur, where it will occur, what the nature of the injury would be or what resources will be available to you to deal with it in an effective manner. Therefore the best solution is to have a set system or procedure in place that everyone should adhere to in the case of an emergency.

Having a system in place alone is not sufficient; your employees should be made aware and trained on how to proceed, what to and what not to do and whom to contact in such a situation. This way, should any unfortunate event take place, anyone will be available to take the immediate steps necessary to ensure the safety of the person or people involved. This in turn will help you to better manage the situation at hand and contain it without letting it bring the whole flow of work to a standstill.

The Benefits of a Medical Management Program

Having a generalised Medical Management Program in place for all employees will allow you to intervene in the recovery process from the very beginning. This Program may be personalised based on how severe the sustained injuries are and of course the treatment methods preferred by the injured employee as well as those recommended by medical care providers.

Corporate physio in Sydney performed right at the workplace has helped rehabilitate previously injured workers more effectively as the injuries as the recovery process takes place right I the place where they will be returning to.

Corporate physio offices has allowed for workers to return to their work faster than they would if they were trying to recover lying in a hospital bed or at home. The Program will also outline how claims management and payment will take place so that there would be no disputes in this regard.