Understanding The Types Of Dentures And Their Making

Dental health is a major concern for leading a healthy lifestyle. Cavities or tooth decaying is a common problem faced by most people. In some cases, the tooth might fall off making it difficult for you to chew food, inflecting pain and other severe complexities. The only answer to such a problem is dentures. However, it is seen that people often associate the term denture as something meant only for elderly adults. But in a real sense, people of any age facing such problems can adhere to the use of a denture.

Get a denture as per your requirement

Dentures come in various types of apparatus which are used according to the requirement of the patient. Although partial and full denture clinic is used for a number of reasons, but not all of the dentures are constructed in a similar manner or find use for similar cases. Also, different types of dentures require different care to make sure that they create no complication. Upon visiting a dentist, he/she identifies your denture requirement and helps you with the same so that you are able to regain your normal chewing ability.

Material used for full dentures

Denture relines which aim to get rid of your dental problems, usually come in a myriad of forms being made from different materials. Full dentures are usually made up of synthetic plastic. Also the teeth are often made of plastic resin. There are also teeth made up of porcelain to give you a natural appearance and feel making them comfortable for use. If you are seeking the one which is used by the majority, it is the porcelain full set denture which is mostly used by people to enjoy the natural feel it gives.

Partial denture and its construction

Another type of denture is the partial denture which uses a metal wire frame usually covered with plastic resin forming the base. The teeth are then made either of resin or porcelain, giving you the option to select one as per your comfort level. Although the porcelain teeth are preferred more for their natural feel, the resin teeth also offer a similar appearance and feel. Along with these metal wire frames based partial dentures, there are also this type of dentures, which come without any metal wire frame. They simply restore to a resin base as their framework, but perform their function without giving birth to any complications.

Apart from these, flexite is another material in use for dentures in modern days. For enjoying a bit more of the comfort, so you are now opting for flexite dentures as they fit flexibly preserving the integrity of your dental health. Consult a reputed dentist and make sure you opt for the best solution for your teeth.

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